All participates must register online at by clicking on one of the many "Register" tabs located on the website or by calling 916.588.4475. All bidders must provide at least one hobby referance at the time registration. Bidders must be at 18 years old to participate in any Giovanni Sports Auction. Management of current running auction do have the right to suspend a registered user and/or cancel any bids of registered bidders at any time. Once a bidder registers and receives a user name they will not have to reregister for future auctions. If you forget your user name or password, please email or call 916.588.4475.
All lots will be open to bidding by registered users at the launch of each auction. Bids can be placed online or by telephone by calling 916.588.4475. Preliminary bidding will end at the specified time of auctions end, the auction will than enter EXTENDED BIDDING. Giovanni Sports Auction uses the "15 MINUTE RULE" during extended bidding. If you do not enter a bid on a particular lot by the end of preliminary bidding you WILL NOT be able to place a bid on that particular lot during extended bidding. Extended bidding will end and all lots will br sold to the highest bidder after a 15 minute period has passed with zero bids on any lots in the entire auction. If you are the only bidder on a lot when extended bidding starts, you will be the winner of that lot. 

No retractions of bids are permitted. Once a bid is placed, it can not be retracted. Reserves if any will be posted on final day of auction, Reserve items may be bid on but not won if the reserve has not been met though reserves may be lowered or pulled from the item at any time. If the reserve is pulled, the highest bidder will be subject to the purchase when the auction closes. "Shill Bidding" is strictly prohibited. Giovanni Sports Auctions considers this to be any bidding on an item only to drive up the price with the intent to cheat another buyer. This will result in a bidders suspension.
Giovanni Sports Auction reserves the right to extend preliminary bidding in case of any technical difficulties or other problems during the auction.

There is a minimum of a 10% or $1.00 raise which ever is higher for all bids. When placing a bid you may choose to use a max bid (see below) or a higher straight bid if minimum raise is lower that needed for your bidding preference. 
Bidders may place a "max bid" on any item, meaning the designated item will be bid on that person's behalf, automatically raising it to the next increment when needed.

All bidders agree to a 17.75% buyer's premium, this will be added to your winning cost. Example if your total winnings is $2000 your total with buyer's premium will be $2355 plus shipping & insurance. 

Cost of packaging, shipping & insurance will be added to all invoices. The protection to your items are very important to us, we try to keep the cost of shipping down but will not risk the integrity of your item(s) to do so.
All items will be shipped out promptly after payment is received and cleared & tracking information will be emailed to all winning bidders when item(s) have been shipped. Some items may take up to two weeks to ship depending on the size, destination and/or value.
Please note that larger items such as framed pieces or large collections will have a larger shipping rate, please contact us for an estimate if concerned on final cost. Framed items will be handled with care but can not be guaranteed during shipping therefore famed items are sold as is.

All invoices will be emailed to winners within 48 hours of auction close. Hard copy of invoice can be sent via USPS if requested. Payments must be received in full within 14 days of auction close unless otherwise agreed upon. Cash, Personal Check, Cashiers Check, Money Orders, Paypal or Credit Card/Debit by phone are accepted, personal checks will be held until cleared before shipping. Paypal & or Credit Cards are NOT accepted on orders over $4000.00 unless agreed upon prior to auctions end.

Giovanni Sports Auctions reserves the right to relist any item or offer any item to another bidder in case of non payment. All other auction houses in relation to or similar to Giovanni Sports Auctions will be notified of the non payment bidder. The non paying bidder will be responsible any fees or losses associated with their non payment.

All sales are final. Returns are only accepted if there is a major error in the description or if there is a problem with authentication of an item. Description error item must be shipped back no later than two days after item is received. If an autograph is deemed to be questionable by PSA/DNA and or JSA only, item can be returned with authenticators turn down letter within 30 days of receipt. Large lots of autographed items as well as framed items are sold as is and there for non returnable. Refunds will be given as credit toward future invoices.

Giovanni Sports Auctions may change any of the above at any time. If there are any major changes an "updated rules" message will appear on the front page of

By placing a bid, you agree to the above terms and conditions of this auction.